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Available since version 2.0.0

This docklet gives you access to hundreds of online radio stations from the USA.


To use it, simply click the "Settings" button in the right click menu, enter a USA zip code address and click search. The docklet will find local radio stations based on the zip code. After that, simply click on the station(s) you like and click the Plus-icon.png button. For every station you add, it's logo will show on the dock.

The right-click menu provides you with:

"Home Page" -- the website of the radio station/network in question

"Program Schedule" -- online program schedule for the station

"Donate" -- (optional) some radio station accept donations. So if you like it, consider donating.

"Live Streams" -- stations usually have multiple channels. This allows you to switch channels.

"Setting" -- the above mentioned settings dialog for the plugin.

See NPR on Wikipedia[1] for more information.